Meet the man who started WMU's photography program

Posted by Courtney Clancy on Feb 23, 2017 1:28:07 PM


Artist, professor emeritus, Western Michigan University photography pioneer and long-time supporter, Jack Carney is truly a living legend. We sat down with him to hear his story and learn more about his role in the creation of WMU’s photography program. 

Fifty years ago right now, Carney was in his second semester of teaching at Western Michigan University. Just a twenty-five-year-old “hot shot kid full of energy,” he was brought in as a member of WMU’s largest hire class, a group tasked with widening the curricular offerings at an institution known only at the time as a college for teachers.

“We newbies were given the charge by the president and provost to create a university,” Carney remembered. “The students needed more major alternatives than education.”

Carney and his peers in the Department of Art eagerly took the reins in fulfilling this lofty assignment. But no one at the time could ever have imagined just how much Carney would actually contribute. In fact, his work would ultimately earn him the moniker “founding father” of Western’s photography program.

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Mapping Mrs. Dalloway

Posted by Courtney Clancy on Jan 12, 2017 4:03:11 PM


In the well-known novel, "Mrs. Dalloway," British Modernist author Virgina Woolf detailed a day in the life of a fictional high-society woman in post-World War I England. While this stream-of-consciousness book was written nearly a century ago, its themes, messages and unique format continue to intrigue readers and stimulate artists. In fact, this story served as the muse for Adriane Little’s main sabbatical project, which opens today at the Richmond Center for Visual Arts.

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Metals on the move

Posted by Courtney Clancy on Nov 22, 2016 2:40:07 PM


The studio of metals/jewelry coordinator and instructor Autumn Brown is a vehicle for education and a space where art is always in motion. Literally.

Once an Air Force transport bus, a deer-hunting-mobile on a farm in Georgia and a shuttle for a senior citizen center, Autumn and her art brought new life to a 1985 International bus.

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