Four reasons to attend a portfolio review

Posted by Natalie Faculak on Sep 20, 2016 1:21:54 PM



As you’ll read in our Portfolio Pointers e-book and hear from instructors and college advisors alike, seeking out feedback on your work is undeniably important in order to build a strong portfolio for art school admission. Portfolio review days are an excellent way to not only gain this sort of valuable feedback, but they’re also a way to explore your options in pursuing your art degree. Read more about the benefits of attending a portfolio day:


1. Practice discussing your art and inspiration

At such events, college and university representatives will ask you about the pieces you are presenting and how you executed your ideas. Be sure to explain how you develop your ideas and where you want to go with them. Part of your art school application will not only include a portfolio, but also a statement of intent where you will discuss who you are as an artist, your inspiration and future goals. Faculty and representatives can be sounding boards as you begin to develop your artistic voice.


2. Receive feedback 

Attending a portfolio review allows you to receive feedback from professionals on your art, techniques and the current state of your portfolio. This feedback can provide you with a new perspective or direction that you hadn’t previously considered. Bring finished pieces, works in progress and your sketch books; seeing a variety of mediums, themes and different stages of your work can help the reviewer share meaningful feedback that you can then use to build a dynamic art portfolio for admission.


3. Meet faculty

Many times, the people reviewing your portfolios will be the faculty at the college or university whose booth you are visiting. These faculty members will be some of the people you will learn from over the next four years. Ask questions about courses available and their own professional careers; learn about academic opportunities and professional development straight from the source.


4. Learn more about your college choices

Portfolio review days give you an opportunity to visit with colleges and universities that are on your radar, but also allow you the chance to discover schools you might not have considered previously. College representatives and faculty are available at portfolio review days to answer any questions you may have about their programs and school. Use this to time to gather as much information as you can; it will make your choice easier later on in your college decision journey.



Ready to attend your first portfolio review and take advantage of all the benefits described above? Find a portfolio review in your area at the National Portfolio Day website and check with your local art community center for other opportunities.

The WMU Frostic School of art will be attending National Portfolio Days in Vincennes, IN, Milwaukee, WI, Chicago, IL and Detroit, MI; in addition we will be at the Kalamazoo Institute of Art Portfolio Review Day, Arts Expo College Fair and the Interlochen Art Portfolio Review Day.


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